Socks Sheer Yellow Rose Lace Made With Cotton & 15% Spandex

Sheer socks are proving one of our most popular this summer. Fine mesh socks are embellished with pretty pastel stripes, polka dots and flowers which flatter any foot. Choose classic rose sprigged styles in pale hues or the more dramatic black with large scarlet blooms or dainty trailing roses. Alternative floral sheer socks feature Daisies, Lavender, Cherry blossom and Hibiscus. Find these garden inspired delights in our ever expanding SOCKS collection.

For those whose tastes are not quite so flowery, we have striking stripes and spots and even sheer socks designed to mimic the elegant footwear of a ballet dancer. This fashion trend is now a sensation, it would be sheer madness to ignore it!

Look out for new summery items coming into stock in the next few weeks. We will be boosting our range of ‘no-show’, liner and ankle socks. Meantime we have a cool collection of summer short- ankle and no-show items in delicate prints or quirky food themed designs.

Long time, short length ankle sock best sellers include cute animals ; bear, panda, cat, and pig. This little range features an overall wallpaper animal pattern topped with a friendly face, complete with ears! ‘Stitched’ cat, fox and raccoon are a more graphic take on a similar theme and black cat and blue mouse are more arty still. You can’t really beat an all time classic cat though; no-show pink and black kitty toes are the perfect socks to complete your summer collection.

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