Allsorts…that most classic candy, that most sensational of sweets, has now taken on iconic status. With their distinctive ‘pop art’ shapes and colours, liquorice allsorts make the perfect models for striking jewellery and accessories. We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the selection – a super sock featuring this popular product… a must have for all vendors of quirky cool. Long a favourite here at Joe Cool, Allsort jewellery remains one of our bestselling jewellery lines and our new sock seems to be following in its famous footsteps! The original life-size necklace, bracelet and drop earrings, make distinctive statement pieces and our sock follows in the tradition. In jewellery, a more delicate ‘mini’ version is also available, again with necklace, bracelet and this time, stud earring and multiple bunch drop. Find them in the Cafe Cool collection alongside other incredible ‘edibles’!

Jelly beans are another old time favourite – a sweet with an inimitable shape and range of juicy colours, it makes the perfect subject matter for our other new sweet themed sock. The fruity colour palette sits as happily alongside gummy bears and ‘dummy’ drop earrings as fun, fruity styles like tutti frutti studs, cherry accessories and glossy smartie jewellery.

Stress ball key-rings are hugely popular at the moment and what better thing to accompany your keys than a lovely macaron. These come in an assortment of four beautiful pastel ‘macaron’ shades; violet, rose, pistachio and lemon, in packs of 12. The ‘healthy’ equivalent is a series including corn-on-the-cob, pineapple, carrot and most popular of all, banana.

Whether its ice-creams and lollies, slices of cake, sticky donuts or red hot chilli peppers, you won’t be short of choice with our glorious ‘calorie free’ selection of foodie accessories. Allsorts and all sorts of sweet inspiration… available here and now !

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