bees, bugs and butterflies

Bees, bugs and butterflies and insects in general are fascinating and important. They are critical as pollinators and essential as elements of the food chain, and much more besides. With their alarming decline in recent years due to modern farming methods, insecticides and climate change, invertebrates have finally started to receive some of the attention they deserve. Some bugs are easier to love than others and the bee would probably be considered most favoured. The humble bumble has been immortalised in cartoons, children’s story books and pantomime characters for years. A wonderfully eye-catching creature and a great source of corny puns. We have a great little collection of bee items which will create quite a buzz! These pretty enamel styles are timeless and have a wide appeal.

Richly bejewelled bees have a bohemian feel and are colourful, arty and striking. Drop earrings, finger rings and pendants come in an assortment of six vibrant colour-ways. In contrast, a fuzzy felt pin brooch is a friendly character and for even more textile, there’s a stunning large embroidered bee brooch with velveteen wings and beaded detail.

Ladybirds and dragonflys are also popular. The delicate enamel ring featured is a pretty and convincing depiction of this attractive insect. Dragonflys come as large statement pendants, like the bees in that range, also studded with vibrantly coloured beadwork. See also bright crystal stud earrings and micro sized in enamelled sterling silver stud earrings. Spiders, normally not too popular a bug, are recreated as stud earrings in an assortment of dazzling crystal colours and, in this form, are one of our best-selling jewellery items!

Finally, we have butterflys galore in numerous styles and sizes; Petite matt silver and gold pendants, cloisonne butterfly rinngs, etched metal bracelets and large enamel drop earrings. There are also pretty enamel stud earrings in a variety of shades and hand-made beaded brooches…the list goes on…simply search ‘butterfly’ on the website.

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