Pets are a perennial part of British culture and have long been a favourite motif with Joe Cool’s customers too. Over the years, cats in particular have been a hugely popular feature in many of our ranges. This year though, our collection of cuddly companions has grown bigger than ever with a new pack of dogs invading the cats’ traditional territory, with French bulldogs, Jack Russells and Scotties making themselves at home.

Naturally, our canine companions and feline friends are mostly to be found in the All Creatures collection, but just like the real thing, they have a tendency to roam, so browse well – you never know where they’ll turn up!

We have are cat and dog items of all types for all occasions; in Quirky Works a pendant featuring the archetypical happy family dog-walking, in Simply Silver you’ll find precious pets to add a touch of style to any outfit, in Cruise a cool cosmopolitan cat, while in All Creatures there’s the whole array; bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, coin purses, brooches, sausage dog scarves, in felt, acrylic, enamel and crystal – a veritable menagerie of pets in all their many moods.

Our dogs may not bring you your slippers and our cats may not curl up on your lap, but in Sock Sensation you will find items that offer comfort in their own way; cute cats, cheeky cats, quizzical cats, and even a guest appearance by the dog’s foxy country cousin! As cute as the real thing, but far less mess; and they won’t eat you out of house and home!






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