Sea creatures great and small are making a big splash this Spring. We have introduced lots of exciting new sock designs on this popular theme in both men and women’s sizes, to help your sales go swimmingly! In larger sizes we have a variety of sea animals. There are two different takes on the wonderful Octopus – a large friendly-faced fellow and a stylish pattern of lively orange octopuses on a black background. All over designs of red lobsters, scarlet crabs and bright shrimps compete with sharks and ‘catch of the day’ in blues and whites.

Inspiration from the ocean is also be found in our new ‘medium’ sized socks with the introduction of jolly whales and pink squids which add to the selection of sea-sonal delights! Complete your fishy selection with popular ‘reef party’, ‘ocean blue’ and seashore styles.

Some of our favourite creatures from the deep are shiny enamel stud earrings. Tiny whales are not a complete contradiction as you will see from the little stud earrings which come in an assortment of blues, black and white. These sit (or should that be swim) comfortably alongside a dolphin stud in similar colours. Clown fish studs brighten things up in a mix of red, pinks, orange, yellow, black and white stripes. All three earring selections come on a handy point-of-sale display.

Colourful patterned tropical fish and turtle drop-earrings and bracelets are evocative of warmer waters with exotic decoration in vibrant colours conjuring up images of sunny shores. A resin brooch in turquoise and gold and sparkly starfish mimic the sea colours of warmer climes.

Brightly coloured hand-painted fish and turtles make eye-catching key rings, earrings and necklaces. There is a glorious array of colour which bursts from this uplifting selection. Find them and other uplifting styles in MEXICANA.

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