Wallet offer WALLET20. For the month of September we are offering a great deal on all wallet purchases. Wallets are a great gift item and they sell, they sell even better if you have a good range so here is a wallet offer which will enable you to choose a good variety and make those sales with a bit of extra margin for good measure. Buy a minimum of a pack each of any six different wallets and get an amazing 20% off the wholesale price. This wallet offer covers all zip and folding wallets in stock at time of ordering. Plan ahead for those vital Christmas sales and take advantage of the special saving. All time favourites include the ‘punched paisley’ zip wallet and the ‘perforare circle’ designs in six gorgeous contrasting colours with stylish colour matched zips. The shiny ‘electric flower’  folding wallet is a dynamic addition to this classic sized selection.

Use the wallet offer to choose by theme; for an Oriental feel there is the elegant ‘Japanese flower”, an inspired design of gilded blossom on beautifully coloured cottons, and the ‘exotic flower’ pattern  – a delightful Peony print with echoes of Asia. Complete the look with Japanese butterfly compacts and vibrant butterfly and bloom cosmetic bags.

For a bit of a ‘retro’ feel go for the ‘Sixties style geometric flower and the gloss retro flower folding wallets or crazy paisley which will drive you wild!

A decidedly more ethnic effect can be achieved with beautifully embroidered peony fabric wallets and the colourful textile stripes of ‘salamanca’. Handmade print and patchwork creations with the additional pompom detail should not be ignored and the theme can be further boosted with the various handcrafted stitched purses, cosmetic bags and shoulder bags which build the story.

Hot themes this year include wonderful flamingos, cool cacti and tropical prints. Our best sellers come in packs of three so if wallets are untried waters for you this is an ideal way to take your first ‘punt’! We also do a more sophisticated version of the former two popular themes in embroidered suede effect. Find these and other tropical inspired products in the Pacific collection. The lovely pastel Edelweiss wallet, though not tropical, is also well worth a mention.

Ever adored florals are covered by a selection including ‘arts and crafts’, ‘victoriana ‘  and vintage floral and of course with this wonderful wallet offer there is always the option to choose a completely random selection. Go mad and throw together holographic peacock feathers, tartan and shiny quilted or bicycles and real weave. From classy to wild and wonderful, there is a wallet for everyone so take advantage of this great wallet offer and boost your sales.

Use coupon code WALLET20. Offer valid from 01/09/2018. Offer applies to all folding and zip wallets only. Discount applies to six packs or more at normal wholesale price.




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