Happy New Year! Two months too late? No! Here at Joe Cool we are delighted to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an array of jewellery and accessories celebrating the Year of the Dog! In 2018, we have lots of new additions to our popular range of wearable canine companions in both jewellery and accessories. First and foremost, pander to your puppy love with a visit to the Sock sensation collection, we have added some adorable new doggy designs and there are even more to come soon! These cute and comfortable socks are almost as endearing as the real thing – with the added bonus that they don’t need to be housebroken!

If you prefer to display your devotion to dogs more prominently, be sure to browse the All Creatures collection, where you will find desirable drop earrings in stunningly crafted metal and enamel alongside stylish studs for the scotty-lover in your life. There are dogs adorned with sparkling crystals and even, for a touch of tradition, tykes in tartan coats! Here too are beautiful brooches in both tactile tin alloy and soft and fluffy felt and charmingly companionable rings – with again, more to come soon. All that remains to be said is… fetch!

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