This year Joe Cool has turned 40 and our anniversary catalogue has just been published! Any day now the brand new Joe Cool catalogue should be landing on your desk or doormat. We hope you will enjoy browsing its pages which are, as always, brimming with fresh and interesting jewellery and accessory ideas. A new year means exciting new items, but we haven’t forgotten your old favourites and you will find these have been added to and expanded to bring a fresh new dimension to established best selling ranges. Millinery, an increasingly popular range, now has many additional new and eye-catching designs. Colourful styles include the new Zandra knit with matching scarf, Missi weave and the original Edinburgh Ziggy, while glamour for day or evening can be found in designs such as Marlene veil, Flapper and Mae Ruffle and there are numerous other ‘moods’ in lace, applique and felt.

The Joe Cool sock collection has now outgrown our main catalogue and has a dedicated supplement of its own, you can find out more about the collection in the previous post. Our Sterling silver range has also increased in response to sales and demand with simple essentials like hoops, little studs, nose-studs and birthstone assortments taking centre stage. More exotic lines have been added for those seeking a more dramatic focal point.

New collections are as diverse as ever with introductions such as Luna Rocks – stunning star-stone, moon-glass, natural crystal and electroplated agate as other-worldly pendants, rings and earrings. Mexicana celebrates the fabulous colours and culture of Mexico and its famous daughter, Frida Kahlo, while Pacific is an assortment of vivacious tropical inspired delights. Art-t’s build on the success of our masterpiece sock items with a concise collection of stylish artwork inspired t-shirts.

The list goes on, but we are sure you’d prefer to make your own discoveries as you explore this 40th anniversary compendium. Be sure to request a copy if you don’t receive one, as always, we are happy to answer your questions and provide quotes and samples, we look forward to hearing from you!


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