Joe Cool has always been a home for innovative designs and bright ideas, and none brighter than our range of light bulb jewellery! We’re always looking for ways to light up your sales and this fabulous fun range of necklaces and earrings was a real ‘light bulb moment’! Glass jewellery has long been a favourite with Joe Cool’s customers and what better way to add radiance to any look than with a necklace or pair of earrings with real, working LED bulbs? Spring is on its way, but until then you can add a warm glow to the dark winter nights with these pretty and practical items. The smaller earrings may not have any working parts, but their smooth, tactile surface adds an element of sparkle to the dullest of days and most sombre of outfits! The light bulb range can, appropriately, be found in the Technopolis collection alongside more cute and curious innovations!

Let the light bulb jewellery illuminate the rest of the Technopolis collection and you will find a whole host of cute and quirky household items! Get constructive with Joe Cool tools, keep searching to find the key to great accessorising and, if you can find the time, check out our range of working jewellery featuring wonderful watches and sophisticated clocks!

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