Stud earrings are one of the most versatile, practical, inexpensive and useful accessories and are worthy of some attention in your stock profile. Worn by old and young alike, they feature in there jewellery collection of everyone who enjoys wearing earrings. We have a vast range of styles and designs ranging from fun, colourful and quirky to classic pearls and sophisticated sterling silver concepts. Stories can be built by focussing on themes such as seashore and beach, floral, animals or music for example. There is great scope to put together striking and attractive groupings that will entice customers and encourage spontaneous purchases. These little detailed delights can also just be so much fun!

The majority of stud earring styles we stock here at Joe Cool come in lovely colour assortments. They are often supplied on a convenient point-of-sale counter top display but also, increasingly, on individual cardboard earring cards which can be displayed to good effect in an acrylic or textile box or basket. The colour variations combined with a themed focus creates an inviting and enticing mix which has great appeal and tends to lead to an increased number of purchases per individual. Very popular with seaside venues, ports and holiday areas are nautical and beach themes including shells, ships wheels, boats and lifebelts!

Animals are eternally popular and we have a veritable Noa’s Ark of fabulous creatures from which to choose. Panda and penguin stud earrings are always in demand at zoos and tiny versions of large sea creatures like Whales, Orcas and Dolphins are proven winners at Sealife centres and aquariums. Exotic jungle and savannah beasts abound ands are all the more beautiful in their delicate miniature forms.

Outer space, the galaxy and space travel offers up another raft of fun opportunity to play with quirky designs and interesting styles. Astronauts, rockets, aliens, stars and planets present a rich tapestry for the imagination and key in to a science agenda as well as an astronomical theme.

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