In an age when faiths and cultures clash, few symbols better demonstrate the essential kinship of humankind than the Tree of Life. From ancient pagan traditions, to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and beyond, the Tree of Life or World Tree is a philosophical symbol of wisdom, renewal and continuity. In the modern age, too, environmental concerns make the tree an emblem of power and significance. With all of this in mind, Joe Cool has a range of Tree of Life jewellery and accessories with this symbol of both nature and humanity as its focus. Naturally, the heart of this collection is in our Flora and Fauna range, where our bestselling classic and beautiful Tree of Life necklaces, rings and earrings can be found, alongside the latest additions to the range; vibrantly colourful earrings and pendants in the form of gleamingly polished glass spheres.

Explore further in Flora and Fauna and you will find dainty but handy pill boxes and tactile compact mirrors also bearing the eye-catching Tree of Life design, while in its self-titled Tree of Life range there are more jewel-like ear studs as well as press studs to mix and match and make your own unique bracelet.

If you prefer something more autumnal, Flora and Fauna is home to our delightfully crafted acorn and oak ring and earrings, while Gallery houses our beautifully delicate ‘shadow print tree’ scarves. To channel the spirit of those blustery autumn days in the country, romantic windswept tree jewellery can be found alongside an array of similarly evocative items in the Nostalgia  collection. Whether you talk to the trees, or Yggdrasil, Akshaya Vata or even the oak, pine and ash of the British countryside speak to you, Joe Cool has a forest of arboreal accessories guaranteed to find favour!

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