a selection of bright new socks

Bright new socks are now in stock so get ready for a bright New Year as we enter the next decade. Now is a good time to get a taste of some of the colourful fresh new sock designs for 2020. Choose from over 50 fantastic vibrant new designs and your customers can first foot it in style! Swim into the season with quirky sea-themed patterns. Scarlet Lobsters and magical coral reef make striking companions and the unusual green fish will make a splash.

Exotic flowers explode onto the scene in bold combinations of fuchsia, ochre, scarlet, lemon and azure blue. Tulips, red berries, passion flowers and exotic fantasy flora and fauna adorn so many of the bright new socks now available and are a real joy to behold.

Woodland favourites include a jolly new hedgehog, squirrel motif, classic deer and brown bear. Foodies will enjoy the new avocado sock and super sushi designs and cacti and palms silhouetted against sunset skies will transport you to dreamy faraway lands.

Art lovers and sock lovers alike will relish the fresh new art themed styles with the famous imagery of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring referenced in stunning pop art designs. ‘Windowsill’, ‘the crowd’ and ‘watering plants’ are other eclectic bright new socks to delight and put a spring in your step going into the next decade. ‘Mathematics’ is one to really get you thinking and the crazy crocodile is pretty snappy!

Other noteworthy designs include colourful new takes on the popular London imagery of Big Ben, the London eye, crown jewels and cheerful uniformed soldiers. An American Indian themed sock in vibrant reds, yellows and greens is totemic whilst multiple sheep behave like sheep in a flock of pink, red and white on black.Other bright new socks feature ever popular astronauts, ladybirds, lemons and multi-coloured polka-dots – all with the Joe Cool characteristic quirky design and vibrancy. All of these bright new socks and more can be found in the socks collection.

Don’t forget there is still time to order your Christmas themed socks which make great stocking fillers and last minute add-on gifts. All the important characters are available, find them and other festive delights in Christmas products.

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