Nothing quite captures the delicate charm and vivid colours of springtime like traditional Japanese design. Jewellery and accessories inspired by the arts, history and culture of Japan have been a perennial part of Joe Cool’s unique style and scattered throughout our current collection you will find a plethora of pretty pieces  imbued with the distinctive allure of the east.

Good places to start are the All Creatures and Flora and Fauna collections, where you will find beautiful butterflies, refined lotus flowers, subtly colourful compacts and even some elegant origami earrings!

Away from nature, we celebrate other aspects of Japan; in Quirky Works and Rainbow Warrior  you will find nods to the complex culture of the Geisha with dainty, colourful ear studs relating to the art of the fan and the famous tea making ceremony as well as coin purses mimicking the beautiful brocades of the kimono.

Bright and harmonious colour is a key aspect of Japanese design, but it’s far from the whole story; the distinctive Japanese graphic tradition is as bold yet refined as the haiku and is represented in our Black Star collection with our bestselling etched earrings, while Boutique Richesse hosts the timelessly tasteful gilded flower wallets and classic Japanese bead jewellery. But if modern Japan is your thing, Technopolis is the place to visit, with our new range of jewellery based on the classic Japanese tin robot toys of the 50s and 60s joining their comrades in Quirky Works to add a touch of cute kawaii kitsch to any look.

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